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House Rules and Guidelines

Thank you for booking with us! Below is all the information you will need to ensure your stay is excellent. Please reach out to us should you have additional questions.  

Welcome Message

What a pleasure to host you and thank you for booking our home. We're looking forward to hosting you at the Chaffalu Home! Check in time is 3pm, check out time is 11am. If you are arriving late/after dark, please bring a flashlight. Once you get to the house, the motion sensor light between the stairs and garage will go on and off quickly thereafter. Our home address is at 2831 Shirewood Lane, Arnold, CA 95223. I recommend printing directions or saving them to your phone in case service goes out. Cell phone service can be spotty and AT&T does not work in Arnold. However, with Wifi you can call and message without a problem from the house. We have a keyless entry front door. The code to enter the home is the last 4 digits of your cell phone. Simply enter the code and the door will unlock. When leaving, you can push the 🔒 symbol and the door will lock. If the keyless lock malfunctions, there is a key located in a lockbox on the post at the bottom of the stairs by the garage. Please contact us should you need access. Finding the house: You will see a sign for Shirewood Lane. Once you see that, you will need to turn right at the very next street (there is no street sign on the corner.) When you turn right onto Shirewood Lane, you will go to the end of the road and stay to the left when it forks. Ensure that you stay left to go up into the driveway. The house is hard to see from the road so look for a wooden sign with our address on it. Security: For the protection of your family/friends and our home, the property is monitored 24/7 by outdoor cameras but please notify us if you witness any suspicious activity. Let us know if you have any questions before or during your time at our home. We can be reached via Airbnb/VRBO app at all times. The “House Rules and Guide” below can also be found in a binder on the kitchen counter and hopefully will answer your questions. Please read and follow carefully. The binder also has useful information regarding local and close-by activities or you can find a compilation of attractions and activities here. Thanks and have a great time!

Arrival and Stay

Safeguard your Damage Deposit - We ask that you respect our home by following the guidelines and house rules below and do your best to keep everything in the condition it was when you arrived. Upon arrival, if you see something broken or stained, take a picture and send immediately to protect your damage deposit. Maximum guests allowed – You may not exceed the number of guests listed on your booking and guest count is verified at check-in through the front door camera. The maximum number of guests allowed for any stay is 10. Any guest exceeding that amount will be charged at a rate of $25 per extra guest per night. Shoes – We are a no shoe household. We ask that you take your shoes off at the front and back doors to help us protect our new carpets. We have a carpet area at the back door to place your shoes on and a shoe basket along with a small shoe bench at the front door. Heater – During the winter, the thermostat (located in the hallway near the bunkbed room) will be set to 68° upon arrival. Please feel free to adjust per your preference. The heater is a Google Nest. All you need to do is turn the dial for your preferred temperature. Upon your departure, the heater will automatically go into an eco temperature of 50°. As an alternative or addition to the heater, we also provide complimentary wood for the wood-burning fireplace in the living room. Firewood is located outside of the back door. Bed Linens & Towels – All beds will have freshly-laundered sheets upon arrival and each guest will have use of one set of towels (body and wash cloth). Wifi & TVs – Free Wifi is provided. The network is Chaffalu and the password is Arnoldhome. The living room TV has Cable as well as SmartTV capabilities such as Netflix. The four remaining TVs are SmartTVs (no cable). Please remember to logout of Netflix or other such subscription apps prior to leaving. Google Nest Mini- Please feel free to use this device to play your music. If the Google Nest Mini is missing or damaged at the end of your stay, the cost will be approximately $50 for a replacement. Babies/Children – For your convenience we have several items available to make your stay easier. Located in the Game Room (first storage door on the left) you will find a highchair, Pack-n-Play, baby gate for the bottom of stairs, baby soother chair, swing, crib/Pack-n-Play sheets and quilts/blankets . In the Game Room you will also find board games, art supplies, a Smart TV with Wii and movies for the older children. Washer/Dryer – Both are provided along with detergent, bleach (for whites) and vinegar for fabric softener for use during your stay. We recommend spot cleaning/soaking and washing of any linens or towels that may become soiled beyond normal wash capabilities. Please do not leave stained items for the cleaners as any items stained beyond normal cleaning will be assessed an extra fee for replacement. Fees are as follows: $60 for King sheets, $50 Queen sheets, $10 for pillow cases, $15 for body towel, $5 for a hand towel and $5 for washcloth. Kitchen – You should find everything you need including a food processor, crockpot, rice cooker, pressure cooker, electric wok, blender and juicer. We even have a few spices in our home to share with you if you forgot something. Also, you will find specialty glassware and large platers in the China hutch near the dining room table and plastic pool-ware in the upper cupboard to the right of the sink. Please be sure to clean all items thoroughly before returning to the cupboards/hutch. Dishwasher soap is provided below the sink and dish soap is to the left of the sink with a new sponge. Please consider placing all food scraps in the trash instead of down the garbage disposal as we are on a septic system. Trash & Recycling – A bear-proof Bear Box can be found across the driveway on the right as you drive out. It is extremely important that all trash/recyling be tied up tightly in the white (trash) and blue (recycling) bags provided and placed in the Bear Box. Do not place loose items in trash bins. Waste removal is Thursday morning so be sure to get all trash in by Wednesday night during your stay or before you check out. DO NOT LEAVE ANY FOOD/TRASH OUTSIDE. Replacement garbage bags can be found in the kitchen hallway along with smaller bags for bathroom trash cans. House Fireplace – The top handle above the fireplace door opens/closes the flue. Pulled OUT is open. Be sure to open/close appropriately. The bottom handle below the door regulates the air flow and should be pushed in (allowing more air) when starting the fire and pulled out (allowing less air) when the fire is established and you want it to burn slower. The dial below the air flow handle is a blower forcing hot air into the surrounding area. The blower is on a sensor and will periodically turn off/on during use. See here for a video tutorial. Please do not burn anything other than wood and newspaper. BBQ - The BBQ located in the backyard, outside of the sliding glass door to the right, is available for your use. We have propane for your use. Please leave the BBQ as clean as you found it and it should remain in its current location. Please do not move it up to the deck under the awning as it is a fire hazard. Pool for summer use only (code for lock on gate to pool is 2831) - Use the pool at your own risk. Children must be watched at all times while swimming and there is a lock on the gate that should be engaged to keep children out while the pool is not in use. You are welcome to use the pool towels (located in plastic bins out by the pool or under the sink in the laundry room bathroom). Please launder and put away when finished. White house towels may not be used outside. The sweep (our children call him Sharkie) will remain in the pool at all times. Additionally, there is a Pool Sentry water level control affixed to the side of the pool with the hose which should remain in the water at all times. Any floaties or pool toys should be deflated and stored before your departure. You may use the skimmer to clean off any pool debris. All other pool equipment should be left untouched. We have a pool service so you may see someone enter the side gate. Outside Entertainment/Activities- Located up at the shed, you will find a plastic rubbermaid storage bin full of fun things to do. You will find the corn hole beanbags, football, soccer balls, basketballs, and a few other items. We have an outdoor large Jenga game located on the patio seating area near the sliding glass door. We also provide several pool toys along with goggles that our children were willing to share. Outside Fireplace – The firepit out by the pool can be lit much the same as the indoor fireplace. The fire needs to be kept low and under control to avoid large embers from traveling and causing forest fires. Do not leave a lit fire pit unattended and you MUST extinguish the fire and embers with water when done. See here for a video tutorial. Outside Cushions to use when at the firepit - During the warmer months, cushions are left out under the gazebo. Outside decoration lights – There are two different strands of lights that can be plugged in. You can plug the lights in at the back shed located near the basketball court. Enter the shed and you will see two outlets immediately when you enter the shed on the bottom right hand corner. See here for a video tutorial. Cleaning Supplies (should you have a spill): We have cleaning supplies of various sorts under the kitchen sink. We also have rags to clean with located in the cupboard over the washing machine. Fire Extinguisher - In the case of an emergency, there is a fire extinguisher located in the kitchen hallway across from the ovens. Power outage – In the event of a power outage, there are flashlights, batteries and candles in the bottom drawer of the desk area of the kitchen. There are also several candles throughout the house. Please take care with open flames. Please send us a message immediately if power goes out. Property Line- We share a close property line with our neighbor and we are committed to respecting their privacy. We ask that you stay on our side of the property by not crossing past the large, green natural-gas tank between our houses. Thank you for helping to preserve their privacy.


Dirty Linens/Towels – Unused beds should be left made with clean sheets intact and unused towels should be set aside on the counter next to the washer. We ask that you please wash and dry used SHEETS/PILLOW CASES (not duvets/blankets) and leave in/on dryer. Used towels should be left on the floor next to the washer. Thank you for starting the laundry as this helps with turning over the house for the next guest. Remotes- Please ensure that all rooms have one TV remote and the left king bedroom upstairs has one light/fan remote (replacement fees will be applied if missing). Kitchen – All dishes, utensils and small appliances should be cleaned and put away and the dishwasher put away and left empty. Children Amenities- If you took out any of the children's amenities from the play room, please ensure you wipe them down after use and return them to the storage closet. Heater – Thermostat will automatically be turned down to 50° at 11:00am on your checkout date. Please make sure to turn off (or unplug) the small heater in the playroom if you decide to use it. Trash & Recycling – Before your departure, collect and merge the bathroom trash with the kitchen trash and remove along with the blue recycling (all bags tied tightly) and place in the bear-proof receptacle on the far side of the driveway. Be sure to close the door tightly. Do not put any loose, un-bagged items in the bin. There should be no trash left in the house. Doors & Windows – Be sure to lock the back sliding glass door, the small back door, and front door. Please double check that you close and lock all windows.

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